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Blinds to suit any living space.

The classic window blind style allows you to adjust lighting levels instantly by altering the angle of the slat. The slat is available in either wood for a traditional feel or aluminium for a more contemporary look. There is a huge range of slat styles available in a range of exotic colours, subtle shaded and dynamic effects.

For the ultimate in style, choose Amber Perfect Fit, a unique fitting system developed so that no drilling or screwing is required during installation. Quick and easy to install, stylish and contemporary in appearance, choose Amber Blinds to complement your venetian and pleated blinds for that finishing touch.


Embracing woods natural grain are the Zebrano and Origin collections and enriching its textural beauty is the Deep grain collection. Luxurious and rich, the collection of stains stay true to woods natural colour palette whilst the Purist collection offers a selection of glamourous whites.


Renowned for delicate attention to detail, the Amber collection is complete with a beautiful range of tapes. Created with a unique style weave, these custom dyed yarns enable an exceptionally elegant finish to each handcrafted blind.


Fusing classic wood with a touch of modern vibrancy is the brightly coloured Mode collection complete with 100% gloss finish and the Fusion collection of modern aluminiums. Contemporary style is further injected into the collection with the contoured 65mm slat which emulates the elegance of an interior shutter.

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Emulating a sophisticated wood grain or a contemporary smooth finish, Faux Wood offers 35mm and 50mm slats. Produced using high quality PVC, faux wood blinds are the perfect solution for areas of high moisture, such as kitchens and bathrooms. An elegant contour valance and wood tassel completes a Sunwood Faux wood venetian.
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Sleek and minimal, aluminium venetians present a stylish window covering solution.

The Sunwood collection offers unprecedented choice in luxury wood venetians with 5 diverse and beautifully crafted ranges.

Embracing the rustic beauty of wood's naturally textured grain is the Sunwood Soft Grain collection, whilst refined beauty is offered in the classic wood stains and contemporary painted colours contained within the Essential collection.

Boasting perfection in its flawless form, Sunwood's Perfect Grain offers consistency in grain and colour whilst the Gloss collection exudes modern minimalism with its sleek finish. Practically stylish, Sunwood Faux Wood emulates the warmth and richness of wood using high quality PVC, offering the perfect solution for areas of high moisture.

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